The Case for Implementing Regulation of the Real Estate Inspection Industry in Montana

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In many other states across the US, the home and commercial real estate inspection industry is regulated. Inspectors must be fully licensed in order to inspect homes and provide reports about the condition of homes and commercial properties for sale.

Should Montana get on board with so many other US states to regulate the inspection industry with licenses?

This debate has been going for the last few decades as to whether Montana should require all home and commercial real estate inspector to qualify for and carry a license. The options are to leave the real estate inspection sector as is with little to no oversight or require license or certification with minimum qualifying standards.

Currently, anyone, however inexperienced or unqualified, may advertise himself a qualified inspector with little to no recourse for official verification outside of voluntary certifying organizations.

On one hand, the industry does not need any more regulations. Any legislation put forth will undoubtedly be written by those who do not understand the industry variables. Many argue to let the market decide.

On the other hand, there is a serious lack of consumer protection without standards in place to ensure inspectors meet minimum qualifications worthy of the profession and assurance to the otherwise unsuspecting consumer. This leaves the market to only decide after a potential injury.

Unfortunately, the absence of consumer protection without minimum standards and assurances in place affects those who are buying homes or commercial properties. This is a large number of people every day, putting themselves and their families at potential risk by leaving the inspections to unqualified inspectors.

Without proper regulation and licensing standards, consumers may face losing the cost of the inspection, at a minimum. At worst, more expenses than the cost of the home or building itself may be suffered, maybe even personal injury.

The lack of minimum qualifications and standards for home and commercial real estate inspections means that serious professionals are competing with unprofessional hobbyists or industry looky-loos.

The Bottom Line

A minimum standard ought to be in place for both the protection of the consumer and the industry itself. T&B House and Property would welcome and encourage regulation of inspections to increase the credibility of the entire inspection field.

With over 17 years of experience inspecting homes and commercial properties in Lolo and across Western Montana, T&B House and Property are proud to provide reliable and professional inspection results.

At T&B House and Property, we believe the industry is here to protect consumers and only provide inspections that uphold the integrity of the home and commercial real estate inspection industry.

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