Mortgage Protection Program

Exclusively available for Members of by RWS who offer the RWS 5-Year Roof Leak Warranty.

As a leading-edge property inspection company, is working with both & RWS Warranty Services.

Available to those whose properties have a Seller Pre-Inspection.

If the buyer of the property has an inspection done by either OR any other property inspection company and for any inspection-related reason there is a delay, postponement, or even cancellation of the deal, RWS will pay your seller’s mortgage up to $5000 per month for up to 3 months.

This reduces the risk to the seller and could potentially cover their mortgage expenses. You have protection with this program.

Mortgage protection program in Missoula, Bitterroot Valley and Western Montana

How To Make A Claim & Terms

Send an email to stating:

  1. The new issue found.
  2. How the repair caused the closing date to have to be extended (due to the repair).   OR
  3. A known reported issue that was more severe than reported.
  4. How the more severe report caused the closing date to have to be extended (extra time needed).

How To Calculate Delayed Time

Include this info in your email to Nathan.

  1. A copy of both inspection reports.
  2. A copy of the purchase contract.
  3. The title company contact details (for verification).
  4. A copy of the mortgage statement.
  5. A statement from the contractor describing the cause of the delay.

Terms of the Policy

  1. The property must be uploaded into the system.
  2. Other causes of delayed closings will not be covered (financing or appraisals, etc).
  3. The mortgage principal & interest only are being covered (no late fees, contract penalties, etc.)
How to make a claim; residential warranty services
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