Seller’s Home Inspection

Getting ready to sell? Consider a seller’s home inspection. With this pre-emptive inspection service, many would-be surprises are overcome that often otherwise hold up the sale during what is the most time-restrictive and stressful period.

As the seller, you can then decide what concerns to address and what to let the buyer worry about. A seller’s pre-listing inspection keeps you in control, speeding up negotiations.

Statistically, a seller’s inspection is an attractive selling point with faster sale times at better prices because any prospective buyer knows you have already done your homework. Less back and forth! A completed inspection report with any known findings already presented can be an important part of your marketing!

What Inspect Montana Brings:

With InspectMT if we perform a seller's home inspection with inspected houses marketing program and we cause a delay, you have protection.

More than Just an Inspection

When you get a home inspection with us, you get all of this included for FREE!

Residential Warranty Service for Missoula, Bitterroot Valley and Western Montana
Platinum roof protection plan
Sewer Gard

Peace of mind, Insurance, Save money and heartache, Full disclosure prior to transfer, A resource for all your questions, because you want to know.

Are you a DIY-er that just wants to make sure you do get it right the first time?

  • We will work with you to get your project done right the first time.

Wanting to hire out some work but don’t know who should be trusted?

  • We will seek and evaluate bids, and provide oversight of contracted projects.

Have a project in Montana but you are not in Montana?

  • We provide timely progress photo reports of your projects.
Look for verifiable experience, AND certification (over merely an affiliation) with professional organizations like ICC (International Code Council), InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors), ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors), professional licenses, and the like. These require minimum standards that are verifiable, such as continuing education, testing, experience, etc.
Though a lot of mold will be obvious upon a visual inspection, not all is. Mold can hide behind and inside walls. Your Inspector may be equipped to test for mold if he or she detects its presence. This, like radon, may take a few days for lab results to come back. Any required remediation (clean-up) should be handled by a specialty company.

Radon is worth investigating. Some very serious medical complications have been attributed to its presence in air, and even water, in some homes. Not sure? Wondering if a test is for you?


We perform all environmental testing by EPA guidelines for the most accurate results possible. In this electronic age, it’s relatively fast and painless. Have more questions? Give us a call or email.

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