Benefits of a Seller’s Pre-Inspection

Pre Inspection in Lolo, Montana

Thinking about selling? Consider a pre-inspection. With a pre-emptive inspection many surprises can be overcome that may hold up the sale during what is often the most time restrictive and stressful period, otherwise. The seller (you) can then decide what to address and what to let the buyer worry about. A pre-inspection can speed up negotiations, can be an attractive selling point, will provide your agent with contact information of anyone interested enough to download your report. The report will be hosted at Your report can be set to private, if desired, to be accessible only to approved parties. We’ll advertise it for you.

What Inspect Montana Brings:

Manage your Home Inspection needs with our 90 Days Warranty, Buy Back Guarantee, HomeBinder features. We also offer Infrared scans and Drones for all types of inspections.

Inspect Montana serves clients across Montana City, Lolo, Missoula, Hamilton, Clinton, Stevensville, Philipsburg, Drummond, Frenchtown, St.Ignatius, Garrison, Lincoln, Sula, Pablo, Deer Lodge, Bitterroot Valley and throughout Western Montana.

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