Commercial Building Inspection Services based in Lolo and all of the Western MT

Inspecting a commercial building requires a much different skill set than that of a typical home inspector. A certified commercial building inspector has an expanded knowledge of code compliance issues and broader building experience than a general home inspector. The specialist at T&B Home and Property has the knowledge you're looking for, if you're in search of a commercial building inspector based in Lolo, Missoula, Hamilton and all of the Western Montana.


For your commercial building inspection, our professional will:

  • Check HVAC, plumbing, and electrical units
  • Evaluate structural and foundation elements
  • Inspect any applicable external elements
  • Conduct radon tests to check air quality
  • Check local municipal historical records

Not only will T&B House and Property evaluate the current condition of elements in the building, our inspector will evaluate with an eye toward future development as well. Just let our inspector know about your vision for the space, and we'll will keep those ideas in mind while conducting the inspection.

If you're searching for a reliable full-service commercial inspection pro based in Lolo, Missoula, and surrounding areas. Reach out to T&B House and Property right now for a thorough inspection of your new business building.

T&B House and Property, LLC serves clients across Montana City, Lolo, Missoula, Hamilton, Clinton, Stevensville, Philipsburg, Drummond, Frenchtown, St.Ignatius, Garrison, Lincoln, Sula, Pablo, Deer Lodge, the Bitterroot Valley and throughout Western Montana.

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